Infinity Group is proud to announce the kickoff of the construction of new office space located inside 100 Pearl Street in Hartford.

In a plan that is many months in the making, New England’s premier design experts have partnered with Carrow Real Estate Services in order to revitalize office space in the heart of Connecticut’s capital city.

This new space will have numerous modern features geared at fostering collaboration and creativity among the staff. Conference rooms will incorporate both white board paint and glass walls that will allow team members to visualize their ideas in seconds.

This office’s bold design will also feature interior offices and open work areas along the windows. In doing so, this new space will take advantage of natural daylight and provide inspiration for the team.

“We have recently had a lot of clients coming to us asking for design that will attract and motivate new Millennial talent,” said Steven Durel, Infinity Group’s Marketing Director. “This space will do just that. It will be one of the most collaborative, dynamic workspaces in Hartford.”

By amalgamating a variety of concepts and features, Infinity and Carrow have worked together to balance vision with the practical aspects of the location. The final result will be a completely innovative, unique and efficient space.

“The entire Infinity team is super-excited about this project,” Durel said. “We love bringing the latest in design to Connecticut businesses large and small. Having the opportunity to do this space in Hartford is really an honor. We can’t wait to unveil it in the coming months.


For more information, please contact Infinity Group via 860-726-9384 or


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