WINDSOR CT Under Construction Office

Over recent weeks, Infinity Group has been working with Fiduciary Investment Advisors (FIA) to expand their offices at 100 Northfield Drive in Windsor, CT. The new workspace, located on the building’s second floor, will provide a new home to 17 employees, while also serving as a catalyst for increased adaptability and collaboration.

The new space, purposed for FIA’s creative staff, will feature a variety of tailor-made solutions to help increase communication and flexibility among employees, including sit-stand desks and other modern elements. A sleek, polished kitchen / cafeteria will also double as a meeting area, while colorful furniture on the patio will allow FIA’s employees to take a breath a fresh air and gain inspiration from the scenic view.

office expansion

“Infinity worked with us on two previous expansion projects and we were pleased with their professionalism and customer service,” said Maureen Cooper, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at FIA. “When it came time once again to review expansion options, Infinity worked closely with us to come up with the best solution. The process took several months, discussions and drawings. They listened, they added perspective and helped us reach a conclusion.”

Typically, under the traditional construction model, companies like FIA need to sign different contracts with both a design firm and a construction firm. This means managers must constantly deal with both parties and relay information between the two.

Infinity Group’s system of design-led construction, however, means that Infinity is a single point of accountability, as well as a partner, through all phases of the project’s completion. By simplifying the process, Infinity Group was able to work with FIA to understand, define and deliver on vision, timeline and budget.

office under construction

FIA is an independent, employee-owned, investment consulting firm that works with fiduciary clients, including retirement plan sponsors, institutions, non-profit organizations and private clients. They provide customized investment advisory services to assist their clients in achieving investment objectives while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

Infinity Group is Connecticut’s premier design solutions provider. Over the past decade, Infinity Group has worked with businesses in various industries to solve a diverse array of office problems. Infinity has transformed workspaces from Storrs to Stamford, providing tailor-made solutions to every client’s unique needs.

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Definition Saves Time and Money During Lease Negotiations


It’s not unusual for the negotiation and build-out of a workspace to be a slow, expensive process. Brokers and property managers know all too well the challenge of doing multiple test-fits and budgeting, only to come to the eventual realization that the entire transaction has become too expensive and starting over from scratch.

Identifying the location that is best-suited for your client isn’t supposed to be this difficult. Sure, getting to the short-list of spaces can be complicated, but the commonplace battle of relaying information between architects and general contractors is not supposed to be the main concern of real estate professionals.

Under the traditional approach, architects provide multiple test-fits, which can incur time and cost. Information must then be relayed to the general contractor, who relays information back, causing a new test-fit, and so on repeatedly. Typically, this cascades into the lease negotiation running out of time, causing unnecessary pressure on all stakeholders.

Thankfully, there is a better way. As brokers and property managers throughout New England are learning, Infinity Group’s design-led method solves all of these problems from the beginning by serving as the catalyst for definition and clarity throughout the entire negotiation.

For one, Infinity Group doesn’t charge for test-fits. Period. Even if multiple test-fits are needed, there is no extra cost for you.

Parallel with that are accurate build-out numbers for each test-fit that is provided.

Infinity Group is a single-point of accountability. While typical architects don’t do construction and typical contractors don’t do design, Infinity streamlines the entire process by being a partner for every stage of the project. We are design experts, business partners and solutions providers.

More importantly, however, is that our process makes sense. Shouldn’t the team designing your workspace also be the ones building it? With all of Infinity’s in-house expertise, there’s no miscommunication, no needless delay, and no risk of running over budget.

Simply put, Infinity Group’s streamlined process offers insight on any interior investment. With a defined plan, defined cost, and defined timeframe, the entire transaction is known from start to finish.


Spacing out: How having the right design can make an office look less cramped

The office design plan can have a profound effect on a person’s productivity. It might not be obvious but tight spaces can make people feel more distracted especially when the room is full of different things that can keep them away from the task at hand. What most firms don’t know is that there are lots of things that can be done to turn cramped spaces into places that are favorable for productivity.

Designing an office space has to be carefully planned. Rushing into renovations may not be advantageous as it might lead to more repairs in the future. To make sure that the process will be fruitful and helpful to those who are working in the office space, there are crucial details that need to be considered.

First, one must consider the office layout that best suits their company culture. For an interactive office, perhaps an open workspace might be beneficial. Instead of using traditional cubicles for each person’s workspace, perhaps creating spaces that will allow people to focus on their own tasks without being too secluded can be a better option. Using wide desks that people can share can be a space saver while also encouraging co-workers to have a sense of community in the office. However, for stricter workspaces such as medical offices, it is important to keep the place clean and organized. Instead of having a spread-out layout, they can choose to utilize one part of the office where the bulk of the tasks can be done to accommodate the machineries and even their clients.

Next, attention must be paid to the interior pieces. When it comes to furniture, companies must have them in the highest quality especially for the areas shared with clients. Lobby design and waiting room design must always prioritize the comfort of the visitors. Making these places reflect the company culture will create a good impression among the guests. When it comes to the work areas, these places can have a mix of fun and functionality. For many employees, being in one place for hours on end might not help them accomplish their tasks better. By adding comfy furniture and even corners where they can relax, employees will be able to recharge for a bit.

Lastly, lighting should also be taken into consideration when it comes to office design. Using natural and artificial light will help employees focus. It can also make the office look more bright, energetic, and spacious. Darker rooms create an isolating impression and might cause more stress. Though it’s not always noticed, the right lighting can make people feel productive and settled in the office. It also brings out the nicest features of the place.

For businesses that are thinking about renovating their office, Infinity Groupis the name they can trust. With their sole point of contact system, clients don’t have to be burdened with the task of mobilizing a team of professionals to bring their vision for their office to life. Office redesign doesn’t need to be a stressful endeavor. With the right team and a well-thought-out plan, the whole project will be success.