Some workers thought that being productive is done when you sit in your office chair 8 hours and never lose focus on the computer monitor while others are into multi-tasking process. They often schedule time on each 3–4 tasks assigned to them and ending up having to do overtime because they could just not handle all at the same time. It’s really hard to switch through different daily tasks in just a snap or blink of an eye. The moment you finish on one and decide to do the next, you’ll end up hitting your head on the desk because your mind couldn’t just move on from the previous thing. These scenarios are more common for designers, engineers, architects, marketing personnel, writers, etc., also known as the non-routinary field.

There are actually abundant ways across the Internet on how you can achieve office productivity but one of the most popular ways is to “TAKE A BREAK”. Yes, by taking a 5 to 10-minute break between tasks will help your mind to relax and recover. The mind works effectively when it is refreshed. Get away from your computer or find a place where you cannot see your officemate cramming for his deadline otherwise his pressured head will affect you.

The best partner for taking a break is a nice employee lounge. Eureka moments often happen in places you least expect it. The best ideas generate when your mind is wandering around and you’re just sitting in a nice cozy lounge chair not realizing you have been unconsciously looking at the flower vase on the table for quite a while now. It’s less pressure as well when you need to hold a creative collaboration within the office area.

A good employee lounge design increases camaraderie and interaction among employees; coworkers from different department come to share fresh and helpful insights. It is and it should be a welcoming environment where the good and bad ideas come around and get filtered by a collaborating team.

Employee Lounge at Odyssey Advisor North-East Headquarters design by Infinity Group US

Infinity Group US has perfected in providing this kind of experience in Odyssey Advisors Northeast Headquarters. Providing efficient, personalized and accessible service is the main core values of Odyssey Advisors and by the help of the workspace enhancement by Infinity Group US, their collaboration space has shown great results in productivity and motivation.