Make your training room conducive to learning

Corporate trainings are a great way to empower and add to the skills of employees. Bringing in experts and resource speakers who will share their know-how with the team shows how much a company values the development of their people. However, there should be a good venue for all these gatherings. A company’s training room design should cater not only to the needs of the guests but of the employees as well. What makes a training room conducive to learning?

Good acoustics and ventilation

 These aspects can be achieved with the right materials and equipment. The room doesn’t have to be necessarily soundproof. However, it’s important for everyone in the room to clearly hear whoever is in front. When the chatter disrupts the main speaker, the trainees might not be able to absorb what they’re supposed to be learning.

As for ventilation, most company training rooms are notorious for having freezing temperatures. To ensure the comfort of everyone in the venue, the air conditioners should be set up properly, covering the areas where people are situated. Too much cold can make a person feel sleepy or antsy. Having the right ventilation is a concern that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Use bright and motivating colors

 Some companies prefer to have neutral colors to be on the safe side. Offices with a dynamic and active culture can perhaps experiment with bright colors. According to color psychology, green is a color that helps with memorization while striking hues like red or orange can help boost focus. Incorporating these colors in some of the fixtures will not just make a remarkable design pop but will also aid trainees as they try to absorb all the learning from their training.

Use ergonomic furniture and maximize space

From tables to chairs, it’s important to prioritize the comfort of the trainees and trainers. Instead of going for classroom-style chairs and tables, an option would be to use long tables and upholstered chairs that will make employees feel truly professional. Instead of the usual setup, the chairs and tables can be arranged on the sides allowing everyone to focus on the center of the room where speakers are standing. With this setup, the speakers will also be on top of the action as they are able to see what is going on with the trainees.

By planning furniture design and arrangement, firms will also have the chance to maximize floor space. A training room that has enough space for everyone is always appropriate.

Training rooms are usually an overlooked area in the office even if they’re always being used. When it comes to drafting an office design plan, this area should be given a lot of thought to accommodate the specific needs of employees and guests. When it comes to designing a training room, the learning and development of the company’s people should always be considered.