When drafting an office design, it could be easy to forget the importance of lighting. After all, in going through the process of changing out furniture, paint, carpeting and other elements of an office, sometimes lighting might be the very last thing on the list – or not even on the list at all. The sad irony of this, however, is that lighting actually does impact almost everything in an office. When we ignore lighting, we do so at our own peril.

Most importantly, lighting really is first and foremost a safety issue: Not only can poor lighting be both depressing and irritating for employees, but it can actually trigger eyesight problems and pose other real physical dangers.

Beyond that, we all know that dark offices are both unwelcoming and unprofessional. Neither clients nor employees want to feel like they are stepping into a cave when they cross the threshold into an office. For this reason, every area should be well-lit, with lights designed to inspire everyone.

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What many business owners and office managers may not know, however, is that lighting has a wide variety of other functions. For one, proper lighting can actually boost a team’s mood — and thus also their responsiveness and communication. Offices that are well-lit are conducive to productivity. Using more natural light contributes to workers’ health and boosts their motivation as well.

Combining natural and artificial lighting is the best option for crafting a dynamic workplace.  By utilizing direct and indirect lighting, strategically placing bulbs and lamps will provide a soothing, liberated atmosphere. In addition to sunlight, environment-friendly LED lights are the best choice for cost-effective lighting that doesn’t sacrifice the quality.

As such, in coming up with an office design plan, it’s important that we always aim for an efficient and inspiring lighting plan. Though typically overlooked, lighting is perhaps the single most important factor that makes for a healthy and lively workplace.

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