Every business strives for efficiency. Well, at least every legitimate, sensible business. Whether you are implementing Six Sigma and kaizen methodology or on the lookout for some cheaper vendors, the fact is you want to increase profit and reduce costs.
The one key piece of the puzzle that way, way too many businesses miss, however, is office efficiency. By having a poor office design, businesses throw money away in a variety of ways.
Why on earth would I change my office design? you might ask. The paint and carpets are new. We have chairs to sit in and desks for our computers. Things are fine the way they are!
But stop for a minute and actually think about it: Does your office run efficiently? Is it designed to motivate your staff, save money and provide resources? Or is it a slow, clunky drain on your budget? Are you losing time and money every single day because of easily-neutralized roadblocks?
Well, the chances are that, if you haven’t done more than keep your office looking pretty, you are not using it to its full potential.
Here are a few tips on how to make sure that your office is working for your company:

Make It Fuel Your Team

A poorly-designed office can be a serious drain on employees. If the setting is depressing or if there are obstacles preventing communication, your team will be running much more slowly than it needs to be.
Changing your office design is the spark needed to light the fuse of employee productivity. Add colors, lighting and art that will inspire your staff’s creativity. Ergonomic and adaptable furniture will make work physically easier for your team. An open design with collaboration zones will increase synergies and allow for dynamic communication. By making one small investment in design, a business can find that it has created a thoroughly-motivated workforce.

How Much Energy Does It Use?

Few offices understand the profound influence that lighting has on their office—and thus the entire company. Your lighting can motivate your staff and impress clients. Furthermore, using natural and energy-efficient lighting can save you a bundle on electricity bills.
Use natural lighting wherever possible. By adding quality blinds, you can also keep the office cool during the hot summer months. Furthermore, the use of energy-efficient lights, timers and motion-sensors will help keep your monthly energy bill low.

Find Each Area’s Purpose

Many offices run inefficiently for one simple reason: They are messy. Over time, clutter piles up and different departments begin using the same area for different reasons. Rather than being adaptable, spaces become anarchic.
While we certainly need to let our office flow freely, there need to be defined areas in any office. Where is your reception area? Where is your meeting room? Where is your kitchen or breakroom? Where do you do training?
By having clear-cut, defined areas for each of these tasks, your office can function more deliberately. Ensuring this definition and purpose in the office will in-kind provide clarity for the entire business overall.
Every company needs to examine its entire process to determine where its greatest inefficiencies are. The only way to maximize productivity is to take a hard look at how every cog in the machine functions, and how they work together. Do not let your office be a source of lost time and money for your company. Face the challenge head-on and make your business everything that it is meant to be.


Infinity Group is proud to announce the completion of work at Fiduciary Investment Advisors’ expanded office space in Windsor, CT. The new workspace, located on second floor of 100 Northfield Drive, provides a stylish ultramodern home for 17 employees and serve as a catalyst for streamlined efficiency.

Encompassing numerous tailor-made solutions, this new space will also provide for more flexibility and versatility. Sit-stand desks in two shared workspaces and several private offices will help foster more communication and adaptability among FIA’s creative staff.


Likewise, FIA’s design offers state-of-the-art collaboration zones, including a beautiful café / kitchen space with sliding doors that can double as a town hall meeting area. New colorful furniture on the patio allows employees to take a breath a fresh air and take inspiration from the scenic view.

“From the very beginning until the end, Infinity has been responsive, informative and comforting,” said Maureen Cooper, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at FIA. “They have been a fantastic group to work with every step of the way.”

“Infinity worked with us on two previous expansion projects and we were pleased with their professionalism and customer service,” Cooper said. “When it came time once again to review expansion options, Infinity worked closely with us to come up with the best solution. The process took several months, discussions and drawings. They listened, they added perspective and helped us reach a conclusion.”

Typically, under the traditional construction model, companies like FIA need to sign different contracts with both a design firm and a construction firm. This means managers must constantly deal with both parties and relay information between the two.

Infinity Group’s system of design-led construction, however, means that Infinity is a single point of accountability, as well as a partner, through all phases of the project’s completion. By simplifying the process, Infinity Group was able to work with FIA to understand, define and deliver on vision, timeline and budget.

FIA is an independent, employee-owned, investment consulting firm that works with fiduciary clients, including retirement plan sponsors, institutions, non-profit organizations and private clients. They provide customized investment advisory services to assist their clients in achieving investment objectives while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

Infinity Group is Connecticut’s premier design solutions provider. Over the past decade, Infinity Group has worked with businesses in various industries to solve office a diverse array of office problems. Infinity has transformed workspaces from Storrs to Stamford, providing tailor-made solutions to every client’s unique needs.

For more information, please contact Infinity Group Marketing Director Steven Durel via 860–726–9384 or marketing@infinitygroupus.com



Some workers thought that being productive is done when you sit in your office chair 8 hours and never lose focus on the computer monitor while others are into multi-tasking process. They often schedule time on each 3–4 tasks assigned to them and ending up having to do overtime because they could just not handle all at the same time. It’s really hard to switch through different daily tasks in just a snap or blink of an eye. The moment you finish on one and decide to do the next, you’ll end up hitting your head on the desk because your mind couldn’t just move on from the previous thing. These scenarios are more common for designers, engineers, architects, marketing personnel, writers, etc., also known as the non-routinary field.

There are actually abundant ways across the Internet on how you can achieve office productivity but one of the most popular ways is to “TAKE A BREAK”. Yes, by taking a 5 to 10-minute break between tasks will help your mind to relax and recover. The mind works effectively when it is refreshed. Get away from your computer or find a place where you cannot see your officemate cramming for his deadline otherwise his pressured head will affect you.

The best partner for taking a break is a nice employee lounge. Eureka moments often happen in places you least expect it. The best ideas generate when your mind is wandering around and you’re just sitting in a nice cozy lounge chair not realizing you have been unconsciously looking at the flower vase on the table for quite a while now. It’s less pressure as well when you need to hold a creative collaboration within the office area.

A good employee lounge design increases camaraderie and interaction among employees; coworkers from different department come to share fresh and helpful insights. It is and it should be a welcoming environment where the good and bad ideas come around and get filtered by a collaborating team.

Employee Lounge at Odyssey Advisor North-East Headquarters design by Infinity Group US

Infinity Group US has perfected in providing this kind of experience in Odyssey Advisors Northeast Headquarters. Providing efficient, personalized and accessible service is the main core values of Odyssey Advisors and by the help of the workspace enhancement by Infinity Group US, their collaboration space has shown great results in productivity and motivation.