CME Associates headquarters is designed for new talent

CME Associates recently relocated to Storrs Center near the University of Connecticut’s Main Campus. CME’s CEO, Brad Cheney, describes how the new facility is perfectly suited for tomorrow’s engineers.

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Video Transcription:

I’m Brad Cheney I’m the CEO and president of CME associate. CME is an engineering architecture firm. we we do engineering environmental science and architectural design.

We wanted to relocate our headquarters office to stores because of the adjacent seated University of Connecticut and the research opportunities and the opportunity to meet talents before graduate and get to know people and get them to join our firm as they’re leaving the engineering school or the environmental sciences school. We were driving through this neighborhood in the south end of campus and realized that there was one vacant spot left didn’t this new commercial development that was big enough for our headquarters. If you go to a commercial broker in apps for class a office space in stores or Mansfield Connecticut they’ll basically look at you oddly and tell you that there is no such thing and the reality of it is in Eastern Connecticut. There’s very very little class a office space and what we ended up having to do was take retail space and up fitted her around you. While we’re designers by trade were not designers of office space by trade and what we did not want to do was develop space that was like everybody else’s face.

The purpose of being here just adjacent to the Yukon campus is not to have a whole bunch of people sitting behind closed doors in individual offices it’s to get some interaction between our folks and the university and start getting students to come in and work for us as intern summer employment and to really allow us to find the talent we need to continue to grow.What infinity did from a project management standpoint which was a very organized very disciplined approach of meetings and communication on a rigid schedule so we always what was going on we always had very easy access to a list of items that were waiting for our action and as soon as we responded it was obvious to us whose responsibility it was to take that information to do something with it so things didn’t get lost in the process and we always knew where we were. It was a unique combination of finding the design expertise. I’m going to as you look around our office you’ll see colors that aren’t normally associated with engineers so getting the design and the construction management expertise all in one spot. I think it brings better ideas to the table because everybody’s trusting each other and when somebody has a design idea your construction folks are there to understand kind of what the cost ramifications are or the schedule ramifications of making those kinds of choices and when a question needs to be answered you’re not trying to bring multiple entities together in a telephone call. They’re all part of the same organization. They were very very interested in understanding what we’re trying to accomplish and they weren’t interested in imposing their design ideas they certainly had a lot of ideas and Jessica was very very easy to work with but once once she get a feel for what we were trying to do her focus very clearly was to keep us on on that idea on track and to make choices that kept complimenting that idea in building on it she understood the program very very quickly and kept us on track this space is very convenient it gives people a place to interact informally the work spaces were intentionally designed very compact and very open from one person’s work place to another the informal communications that happen simply because nobody’s behind closed door nobody’s around the corner and you can’t see them it makes for better internal communications. It also makes the space more cost effective because you can put a lot more people in a smaller space this is about sixty percent of the size of the office space we left and there’s more room here we’ve been in this space for approximately two week every day or two student walks in looking for work just the exposure has resulted in a higher profile for us incredibly organized they said what they were going to do and they did it you ended up with a space that I think really will be a good investment when we found something that wasn’t quite right there was never any response other than to define what the issue was define what the solution was and get it taken care of.