Definition Saves Time and Money During Lease Negotiations


It’s not unusual for the negotiation and build-out of a workspace to be a slow, expensive process. Brokers and property managers know all too well the challenge of doing multiple test-fits and budgeting, only to come to the eventual realization that the entire transaction has become too expensive and starting over from scratch.

Identifying the location that is best-suited for your client isn’t supposed to be this difficult. Sure, getting to the short-list of spaces can be complicated, but the commonplace battle of relaying information between architects and general contractors is not supposed to be the main concern of real estate professionals.

Under the traditional approach, architects provide multiple test-fits, which can incur time and cost. Information must then be relayed to the general contractor, who relays information back, causing a new test-fit, and so on repeatedly. Typically, this cascades into the lease negotiation running out of time, causing unnecessary pressure on all stakeholders.

Thankfully, there is a better way. As brokers and property managers throughout New England are learning, Infinity Group’s design-led method solves all of these problems from the beginning by serving as the catalyst for definition and clarity throughout the entire negotiation.

For one, Infinity Group doesn’t charge for test-fits. Period. Even if multiple test-fits are needed, there is no extra cost for you.

Parallel with that are accurate build-out numbers for each test-fit that is provided.

Infinity Group is a single-point of accountability. While typical architects don’t do construction and typical contractors don’t do design, Infinity streamlines the entire process by being a partner for every stage of the project. We are design experts, business partners and solutions providers.

More importantly, however, is that our process makes sense. Shouldn’t the team designing your workspace also be the ones building it? With all of Infinity’s in-house expertise, there’s no miscommunication, no needless delay, and no risk of running over budget.

Simply put, Infinity Group’s streamlined process offers insight on any interior investment. With a defined plan, defined cost, and defined timeframe, the entire transaction is known from start to finish.



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