As the saying goes, first impressions last. This is true especially in business. Clients and business partners are looking to be impressed from the moment they step in a company’s premises. Reception and lobby design are important to make everyone who enters the office feel welcome.

An office design plan can be implemented one step at a time. Many businesses have the misconception that renovations have to be done in one go. Doing this will not only be costly but can also hamper daily operations. For companies with a strict budget, designing an office space can be done one area at a time.

The entrance and the lobby would be a good place to start. The reception design needs to convey the company’s professionalism and excellence. To achieve this ambience, the area doesn’t have to feel so uptight. Companies should add their eye-catching logo to the area to welcome visitors from the get-go. Adding framed art or coming up with an artsy wall design can make the reception look sophisticated.

Make visitors comfortable when they enter the lobby. Windows with a nice view, a cozy couch, and well-ventilated room will make waiting less stressful. Providing snacks like cookies and candies along with reading materials will make visitors feel a bit relaxed before their scheduled appointment at the firm. In coming up with a lobby design, it is important to think of the guests and incorporate their likes with that of the company’s culture.

Starting with the reception and lobby, it is important to incorporate the company’s culture into every part of the office. Is your company dynamic and full of young talent? Are you known for providing breakthrough solutions? Have you been a respected name in the industry for decades? When it comes to designing office space, it’s important to draw people in to what you do best. To achieve this, companies should look for a suitable partner that will turn their vision into something tangible.

When designing an office space, every little detail matters. From the planning to the execution until the place becomes fully functional, there has to be a meeting of the minds. Infinity Group can help businesses turn their office redesign plans into reality.

As the single point of contact during the construction process, Infinity Group takes the burden away from their partners by mobilizing minds and talent that will see the project through to fruition. The firm also prioritizes their clients’ needs and requests, helping them communicate these details to the contractors. Renovation projects such as lobby design and reception design require the skills of a great team in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and employees alike.


For more information on how Infinity Group can help you with your lobby design, contact Infinity Group Marketing Director Steven Durel at 860-726-9384 or


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