For many business professionals, spending long hours in the office can be an agonizing ordeal. Grappling with the same responsibilities day after day can be exhausting.  Throw in demanding clients and unhelpful coworkers and the stress can seem unbearable. To give employees some relief from the grind, businesses large and small should ensure they have a breakroom where employees can find peace.

Stress and anxiety lead directly to unproductivity. When thinking about redesigning office space, be sure to give a lot of thought to how to recharge the team’s batteries. Turn the breakroom into a place where folks can gather solutions and new ideas for their tasks. Don’t have a breakroom that is drab and cramped. Instead, do the following:


Make the breakroom look and feel different from the work area

Add colors, sounds, snacks, photos, games, couches, etc. Make the breakroom a space in the office where employees can have fun and stop overthinking. Most of the time, people just pass by the breakroom to fill their mugs with their nth cup of coffee or to get their share of snacks. Why not make it a place where they can sit and read magazines as if they’re in a coffee shop? Or why not install a TV so they can catch up on the scores in a football game even for a few minutes?


Make the breakroom genuinely relaxing

Say no to stuffy breakrooms that smell like someone’s lunch. There should also be comfy couches instead of the usual plastic chairs. Add better ventilation and even aromatherapy vaporizers to calm their nerves. Instead of making the breakroom a passing thought, recreate the place into a part of the office where people can sit back, relax, and even have a cup of tea while they’re recharging for the rest of the workday.


Make it spacious

A breakroom doesn’t have to fit all of the employees, but it is important that those who will gather in this area will have time to forge healthy working relationships and even share ideas to help with the projects. When employees feel relaxed, they’ll be able to think freely. Conceptualize a breakroom that will be instrumental to finding solutions.


A company that values its workers strives to give the best to ensure their work-life balance. Giving the staff a cool breakroom is a way to appreciate all the team members for their hard work. When this part of the office is welcoming, fully-functional, and well-stocked, employees will feel enabled to do better work and enjoy their time in the office more.



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